Visit the Canadian Rockies in Super Hero Style

Located 40 minutes east of the town of Jasper, Alberta (a ten minute drive from Jasper National Park’s eastern boundary) and 10 minutes west of the town of Hinton, Alberta, Alternative Adventures’ zipline and campground are a great way to experience the beautiful foothills of the Canadian Rockies.

Great things begin with a dream

Owner Darrel Bossert flying

Owner Darrel Bossert flying

Owner Darrel Bossert’s dream of helping people to fly became a reality in 2008 when he first opened the gates to Alternative Adventures Zipline and Campground. An accomplished, hang glider pilot, Darrel has been flying and teaching for over 30 years. But his dream took root in his childhood.

As a kid, Darrel wasn’t the gutsy flyer and entrepreneur he became. In fact, he took up hang-gliding as a means to overcome his fear of heights. Growing up in Jasper National Park, seemingly benign activities like riding a chairlift or walking to the edge of a waterfall terrified him. His personal understanding of what it takes to overcome a deep seated fear helped fuel his desire to help others achieve success by overcoming their limitations.

This understanding is what’s behind Alternative Adventure’s unique Zipline. Designed to accommodate a wide variety of Adventure Levels, at Alternative Adventures Zipline we can coach the most timid through their first-ever flight, or introduce a skydiver to super-hero-like flying.

Why go ziplining?

Ziplines help you go beyond your personal limitations in a controlled, safe environment.

Our unique 1200 feet (366 metre) Zipline is more than just a ride. It’s a way to test your limitations and experience the sensations and thrills that are usually only available to those who have invested years in developing enough skills to pursue extreme sports in relative safety – we’re talking free-falling, pulling “G”s, and soaring through the air like your favourite super-hero.

We are Unique in the World

Our system is adjustable. We suspend you in a prone Hangliding harness 10m from the main cable.

Are You ready to test your limits?

We’re open from April to October and are available any time of year by reservation. We can accommodate any age. Our adventures range from a simple introductory flight, to tandem flights, flight packages and half- to full-day activities. Bragging Rights available today. Phone 780-817-9696 Alternative Adventures.

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Watch this video to see what to expect on one of our unique zipline flights