Our Alberta Zipline is unique in the world

Located between Hinton, Alberta and the eastern boundary of Jasper National Park (a ten minute drive from either location), Alternative Adventures has been offering one-of-a-kind Alberta Zipline Adventures since 2008.

Unlike most other Ziplines, where participants are attached to a cable and ride the downward slope in a sitting position, our Zipline is engineered to give you a very unique experience – one that has you literally flying like a superhero.

What’s the difference?

1. You ride prone

Unless you’re a passenger on an aircraft, flying is not sitting. At Alternative Adventures, our rigging is set up so that you fly in a head-first, prone position – just like a super-hero.

2. You hang 10 metres below the cable

Another unique aspect of our Zipline adventure is your location in relation to the cable. Because you’re attached at your back and hang directly below the cable, the sense of flying and free-falling is very realistic.

3. The drape (tension) of the cable is adjustable

This allows us to control the speed of your descent, the angle of your launch and the amount of free-fall.  You get to choose fast or slow; mild or wild.

4. The experience is participatory

Our Zipline set-up allows you to use your body, arms and legs to control your direction and rate of swing – you are the pilot of your adventure.

5. Start small, end epic

Your introductory flight is designed to give you a solid feel for our unique Jasper/Hinton Zipline. Once you’ve got your feet wet, you’re ready to fly like a super-hero. As we loosen the tension/drape (eg: slack) on the cable you get more free-fall, speed and swing.

Who hasn’t dreamt of flying?

Nothing evokes a sense of freedom more than flying. For many of our clients, the adrenaline rush of simply soaring towards beautiful Roche Miette is reward enough.

For others, our Zipline experience is a means to overcome their fear of heights.

We also have people who use our Zipline as an introduction to Hang Gliding, Base Jumping or Skydiving.

Overcome your fears, develop self-esteem, EArn your bragging rights for life, and fly like your favorite super-hero

Whether you’re looking to taste-test a new extreme sport, experience flying or free falling, or overcome your fears, each personalized flight is tailored to your needs. We’re a family friendly activity that can accommodate everyone, including tandem flights for those who wish to fly together. Call us today to book your adventure.

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Watch this video to see what to expect on one of our unique zipline flights