Alberta ZipLine Flights


We offer a wide variety of Alberta Zipline flights and packages.

Which one will suit you depends on a variety of factors such as your experience or goals.

Each flight or flight package is personalized for your level of adventure.

Our prices range from $35 - $99 per person for solo flights.

Introduction to the Alternative Adventures ZipLine System

Introductory experience

For people who are nervous about the whole experience and just want to get a taste of what it feel like to hang in a harness and start the Zipline experience from flat ground. If you are hesitant, this is a great place to start.

What does it cost? $35

Super Hero Flights

 The Adventure and the experience of flying like a super hero;

Unique in the world of ziplines our system is adjustable to your level of adventure, we can make it fast or slow.

What does it cost?

Child Solo: $59.00

Adult Solo: $79.00

Tandem Flight

For those who want to share the adventure and lend their confidence to another who might not otherwise have enough … For parents wanting to build confidence in their children, this is the perfect experience. The self esteem and confidence in our system inevitably graduates individuals to being able to achieve the bragging rights in a solo experience.

What does it cost?

Adults Tandem: $139

1 Adult & 1 Child Tandem: $119

Child Tandem: $100

Super Hero Flight/Base Jump “Max drape”

If you have previous experience Skydiving, Hang Gliding, or similar, you may want to challenge our system at the wildest setting the first time out. Otherwise there is a prerequisite of having previous experience on our system.

What does it cost?

Person: $99.00

2 Flight Packages

If maximum adventure is your goal, this package is your best value. We’ll start you off with a super hero flight. Once you’ve landed, we’ll head back up for your Super Hero/Base Jump flight, if you dare! What’s the difference?

We decrease the tension … it increases the angle of the main line … You go faster !

Remember on our system you are 10m down from the main cable, you launch yourself from our ramp ( Basejump ) the free fall and maximum angle off center will create centrifugal force ( 3 G’s ) in fact. That gives you bragging rights for Life for flying like a SuperHero !

What does it cost?

Adult 2 Flights Mild to Wild: $139.00

Child 2 Flights : $129


Alternative Adventures has a rustic campground. A night of camping is free for all of our Zipliners. For those who simply need to a place to stay, or if you’d like to explore the area for a few days on your own, we offer rustic sites (picnic tables, vault toilets, gravel pads and fire rings) for $25.00/night + $5/night for firewood. Extended stay rates and Monthly stay rates are available.

f.R.C.’s Available

Fixed roof campsites

Our version of cabin and campsite. [Luxury camping]. The price is $79 based on double occupancy.

Limited Availability.

Call us! 780-817-9696


Watch this video to see what to expect on one of our unique zipline flights